Eifs Stucco

We chose the EIFS Stucco installation method for two big reasons. Quality and Value.  But is it the right fit for you?



The thermal efficiency of the EIFS system offers constant, reliable insulation, reducing air leakage and heating and cooling costs.  With rising energy costs, EIFS offers protection against spikes in your utility bill with a high return on investment in terms of energy savings as well as increasing home value.


EIFS is versatile enough to be used on a variety of wall substrates to bring out whatever character you choose whether it be  traditional, modern or something in between.

A Greener Solution:

The installation and product itself has a low carbon footprint that your energy savings will quickly offset over the life of the system.


With rising energy costs, EIFS offers a combination no other exterior finish can match - protection against spikes in your utility bill with a high return on investment in terms of energy savings as well as increasing home value.



In high traffic areas: 

where there is a frequent threat of impact by equipment, cars, materials, etc, EIFS doesn't offer the long term durability that our Stone Veneer solution does.

If you're looking for a DIY solution

 EIFS is a complex and intricate system.  Since no job is the exact same, we rely on our experience and training to adapt every situation to your needs.

If your renovation needs are immediate:

Stucco installation requires muiltiple steps to ensure the job is completed at the industries highest standard.  Often this requires adjustment and planning for weather, whether it be rain or extreme cold



Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer is the perfect solution for a high durability, versatile compliment to your Stucco services.  We use veneer because no product offers the cost effective lasting power with the same level of versatility.  Using real stone often means extensive preparation, and not all applications can be prepped the way that it needs to be to get you the results you want.  Stone veneer is perfect for high impact areas that don't suit well to stucco, and it offers lots of customization options to give you a unique, timeless renovation.


How much per foot is stone veneer and stucco?

Because every job is different there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to pricing per foot.  Depending on the type of stone, surface preparation and the size and scope of the job, price per foot can vary from $8 dollars to $18 dollars.  It is important that you have us come out and give you a free personalized estimate for your project when considering price point.