Serving and transforming the Greater Sudbury Area

Whether you are looking for an on brand, commercial renovation that just feels like your business, or you're in the market for capital improvement and maintenance, we offer comprehensive service with your business in mind.

Residential Services offer unique opportunities to property owners and homeowners alike.  We've worked on newly built, luxury units as well as refurbishing income properties to boost the potential of your income properties, as well as exterior home renovation.

Quality and experience mixed with a passion for design.

At Cornerstone Exteriors, we specialize in Stucco and Stone installation for residential and business properties, but we're so much more than that.  15 years of experience has made it clear that our passion is exterior design, so we meet with you and talking about what you want your project to feel like, not just how you want it to look. We don't just want to finish your exterior, we want to build your dreams so pulling into your drive way after 6 weeks (or 6 years) is the best part of your day.

Our work